Terms of Service

You have dirty laundry that needs to be cleaned and it is our goal at Laundry Party to provide you with the most professional, convenient, eco-friendly service possible. We use the top of the line equipment available and give each one of your garments the individual care it deserves while doing our best to protect the planet at the same time.

By signing up with Laundry Party and opening your online account, you agree to the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are subject to change and though we try to keep our customers as up to date as much as possible with any changes, it is the responsibility of you, the customer, to review these terms prior to purchase of any services.

If you are not completely satisfied with the services provided, or if there are missing or damaged items, you must contact our customer service number within 24 hours of your scheduled delivery date and time. After this period, no refunds will be given or claims responded to.

At Laundry Party, we individually inspect every incoming item at the facility before and after they are processed. We make note of any pre-existing damages such as tears, holes, bleach stains, etc… and you will be contacted by either email or phone. If any damage occurs during washing, it will be noted and marked at our facility. Therefore we will not honor any claims of damages that appear on our marking sheets before the washing process has begun. In addition, any items which are purposely pre-torn or damaged by the manufacturer or customer can never be included in any damage claim for any reason.

All of our wash/dry/fold cycles use cold washes (unless otherwise requested by the customer). This means that we will never honor any claims of shrinking, color fading, or color blending. These are all normal occurrences in all laundry processes and will never be considered a form of damage. Some stains cannot be removed through a cold wash. We cannot promise to remove any stain but make every effort to spot treat stains with a removing-pen and or liquid substance and we double check any stains before the drying process. Additionally, the customer assumes responsibility for any shrinking upon requesting a warm or hot wash.

In some cases there are stains that are scientifically proven to not appear until exposed to water or heat. These stains typically have a sugar base. Some examples of these stains are alcohol and juices. These stains can be proved in a lab, but generally cost $200 per test. If it turns out that Laundry Party is responsible for the discoloration, then we at Laundry party will assume the lab charge and suitable reparation for the garment. If Laundry Party is not responsible for this discoloration, i.e., it is a sugar based stain that was not visible before exposure to water/heat, the customer is responsible for the lab charge and will not be reimbursed for the damaged garment. No garment will ever be sent to a lab without customer’s request. Laundry Party does not use sugar based stains as an escape clause for damaged garments.

Laundry Party will not cover any reimbursement over $300 or any individual item over $50.

By placing any item into our laundry bags, you are guaranteeing ownership and responsibility of that item. It is highly recommended, to avoid any conflict, that you not include items not belonging to you, such as your roommates’ or friends’. If they really need a specific item to be washed, have them set up a separate account and separate their belongings.

Any items deemed heavily soiled are subject to an additional fee of $7. Laundry Party holds the right to decide what constitutes a heavily soiled item. Heavily soiled includes but is not limited to items soaked or covered in urine, vomit or any other biological contaminants. Excessive pet hair or dirt may also be considered heavily soiled. The customer will be notified of this fee, however the fee is non-refundable and Laundry Party will not negotiate the decision of an item deemed heavily soiled.

When reporting any missing or stolen items, you must provide a specific description of the item i.e. the type of garment, brand, color, size, etc. While we will investigate any claims of stolen or missing items to the best of our ability, we do not offer any compensation for missing or stolen garments. Since we take such care in individually handling and sorting garments, we find that the majority of claims are the fault of the customer misplacing or simply not including a garment that they thought was in their laundry bag. If this is a concern we recommend including a detailed list of all items in the bag which will be checked upon reaching our facility. The list will not be considered a formal form of inventory, but it will help us to identify the items you include.

While we work as hard as we can to make our service as convenient for you as possible, we do not accept any responsibility for items lost, stolen or damaged if they are left for an unattended pickup at a pre-designated area rather than a hand to hand exchange between the customer and driver. It is recommended that any laundry left outside be kept protected from the elements such as weather and foot traffic. In addition an attended hand to hand pickup and delivery is offered and recommended to avoid any problems.

Once you have placed an online order with Laundry Party and scheduled a pickup/delivery date and time, you cannot change any services requested within 24 hours of you scheduled pickup time. Please carefully schedule the job you want us to do, to avoid any conflict and so we can meet your needs to the best of our abilities. If the customer is unable to be reached during the scheduled pickup/delivery time for an attended pickup/delivery (i.e. customer is not home, not answering door or phone, etc.) and the driver is unable to pick up or deliver laundry then a $5 fee will be added onto the customer’s bill per occurrence.

Laundry Party reserves the right to change these terms at any time and refuse service to any customer should a conflict arise. All of our operating information such as prices and operating hours can be found on our website. We do not accept any payments outside of our online payment process and our drivers will not accept any payment for current, past or future orders. We will never take an order by phone and if any necessary information is missing for a customer’s account, we reserve the right to refuse service.

Due to the unpredictability of weather conditions in the area at certain times of the year, Laundry Party reserves the right to make any pickup or delivery cancellations for the safety of the drivers. Contact will be made with the customer as soon as possible so that a future pickup/delivery can be made. All attempts will made to honor the original pickup and delivery times before resorting to a schedule change.