Q. How should I send out my first order?

A. We'll take a laundry basket, a 13 gallon trash bag or anything else around that size that you use to store your laundry. When you get your laundry back you will get a brand new Laundry Party bag.


Q. How big are the bags? 

A. Our bags are slightly larger than a 13 gallon kitchen trash bag. That's why we reccomend using a kitchen trash bag for your first order. If you stuff one of those full, that would be the equivalent to our bags.


Q. What if I’m not home during your delivery hours?

A. That’s not a problem. You can choose to have your pick up and delivery unattended while placing your order. Just remember to leave your laundry bag where our delivery drivers can find them.


Q. Can I have my laundry delivered when I’m home?

A. Yes. Select the option for attended pickup and delivery when placing your order. You will be asked to provide a 2 hour time slot for when you’d like your laundry to be delivered.


Q. How do I reschedule an order I placed?

A. To reschedule an order:

               -Login to your account
               -Select your scheduled order
               -Click Reschedule Order and follow simple steps


Q. What products do you use?

A. All of our laundry products are all natural and hypoallergenic. If there is a specific brand of detergent you would prefer us to use on your laundry you are more than welcome to send a bottle of detergent out with your laundry.


Q. What if some of my garments need special treatment?

A. Orders are completely customizable. This can be selected during your order process. 


Q. Do you do dry cleaning?

A. We do not do dry cleaning. 


Q. Should I tip the delivery driver?

A. That is completely up to you, no matter what we still love having you as a customer.


Q. Do you offer businesses accounts?

A. We absolutely do. Please call or email for a quote specific to your needs.


Q. What if some of my garments are damaged or missing?

A. If you have any claims of damaged or missing garments please contact us. For any specific questions about our policies on lost or damaged garments please review our terms and conditions.


Q. How can I get Laundry Party service in my town?

A. Send us an email here, to request service in your area.


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