About Laundry Party LLC.

Company Overview

Laundry Party is an Eco-friendly wash and folding service with the ultimate convenience of pick-up and delivery. We'll pick up your dirty laundry, wash it with our all natural cleaning products giving it the best care possible, and then deliver it fresh and folded right to your door. This gives you peace of mind and saves you the time that would have been spent in a laundromat.

You do the partying, we'll do the laundering.


Our mission at Laundry Party is to provide our customers with a clean and professional laundry service, facilitated through the convenience of an online membership. While we strive to do our best for our customers, we are also committed to doing what is right for the environment and the community.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards for doing good business. If a product is not healthy for the environment, we won’t use it. If the cleaning products are not 100% natural and cruelty free, we won’t use them. All detergents, bleaches, fabric softeners and other cleaning products used are made from all-natural ingredients. 

Thank you for your interest in Laundry Party and taking the time to learn about the company. We hope you share our vision of a better planet through business, and look forward to providing you with the cleanest, most convenient laundry experience of your life.