Wash, Dry, Fold

Perfect for all your laundry needs, with professional cleaning and next day delivery.

Free pick up and next day delivery

Free reusable Laundry Party laundry bag

Separation of Darks and Lights

Proprietary cold wash technology

All natural detergent, bleach and fabric softener

Natural recyclable dryer sheets

Professional folding

Note: All features above can be customized to meet your needs.
*Additional charges apply for special care services.
Prices listed on order page.



Service Area

Laundry Party is proud to serve Western Massachusetts's Pioneer Valley and Five College Area:

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Pay Per Bag Service.

Almost all laundromats charge their customers by the weight of the laundry, at a price per pound.

We don’t play this game. We charge a flat rate per bag. 

Why do we do it that way? The short answer: it’s cheaper for you.

With our pay per bag flat rate service you can send us ALL of your laundry and you won’t be charged extra. So be sure to stuff that bag!

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