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Snow Days

by Laundry Party at 11/27/2012 2:45pm

With this colder weather we should be expecting more snow. Unfortunately snow can be hard to drive in and this does effect our delivery service. If for any reason this winter there is a delay or we have to reschedule due to bad weather we will contact you to let you know. In addition if you would like to get the most up to date details of delays and reschedules of our service please follow us on Twitter. @LaundryParty

Stay warm this winter and try not to Freeze.

Wishing you a...

by Laundry Party at 11/22/2012 11:00am

Happy Thanksgiving!

(we're closed till Sunday)


Happy Thanksgiving

by Laundry Party at 11/15/2012 4:44pm

We at Laundry Party want wish all of you a very happy Thanksgiving, filled with turkey (or tofurkey), stuffing, gravey, football, friends and family. We also wanted to let you know that we will taking a few days off to do the same.

We will be closed Wednesday the 21st through Saturday the 24th and will resume our normal business operation on Sunday the 25th. Please plan ahead if you need your nice clothes ready and washed for the holiday. Have a nice Thanksgiving and enjoy this Thanksgiving classic.

What's Lingering in Your Bed?

by Laundry Party at 11/12/2012 6:00pm

Have you had your bed sheets washed this week? When was the last time you had your comforter washed? Or your pillows?

Take a look at this Shockingly gross article on The Imporatance of Washing Bed Sheets Regularly.

Stay healthy this winter. Follow this schedule for having your bedding washed.

Bed Sheets - Every 2 weeks
Pillow cases - Change every week
Comforters - Every 2 Months
Pillows - Twice a year (Fluff daily)

If you're a pet owner who shares the bed with your furry friend it is reccomended you change your bedding more frequently or get a doggy bed. Also if you are sick you should be changing your sheets daily. It's a good idea to own more than one set of bed sheets for this reason.

Ready to have your bedding washed?



Here's to a Nice Weekend

by Laundry Party at 11/09/2012 8:13pm

Enjoy yourself. Get some sun before it disappears. I don't have any news or cool stories for you guys today, just wishing you all a nice relaxing weekend. If you know of any cool events or if you're hosting anything feel free to let us all know about it on our facebook page. Stay Warm.

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